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Topak Power OEM&ODM lithium ion battery factory is committed to on-demand development, continuous innovation, and continuous improvement of the customized R&D capabilities of products in terms of application environment and electrical performance, and dedicated to providing competitive power solutions for global users.

Topak Power is the most professional lithium iron phosphate battery supplier, focusing on the research and development, design and production of lithium batteries. We can customize products in different shapes and sizes according to different customer needs. If you need OEM&ODM service of lithium ion battery factory, please contact online customer service or call to provide demand.

Topak Power Lithium Ion Battery Factory strengths

R & D strength, technical team​
·The R&D cost of Topak Power lithium ion battery factory accounts for more than 4% of the total operating income.

·Topak Power focuses on the battery field, professional OEM & ODM services, and adheres to the concept of independent research and development, continuous innovation, and open cooperation.

·There are more than 50 engineering and technical personnel with excellent electrochemistry, chemical machinery, inspection and other professional personnel.

·The technical team has an average of more than 10 years of work experience in the battery industry, and has undertaken more than 30 super-large major projects.
Test Center​
·According to UL1642, CB, CE, GB18287:2013 and other safety standards, the test center has been established.

·Mainly responsible for product safety performance testing during new product development, trial production and mass production.

·Lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers with high-end testing equipment, such as battery testing cabinets, power battery testing systems, thermal shock test chambers, constant temperature and humidity chambers, extrusion testers, acupuncture testers, overcharge and overdischarge test cabinets, etc.
Smart Manufacturing
Topak Power lithium ion battery factory production equipment are all domestic advanced automation equipment, such as automatic veneer pad equipment, automatic assembly machine, automatic spot welding equipment, protection board testing equipment, lithium battery component testing system, etc. The company has a group of experienced production managers and industrial workers in the lithium battery industry, which provides a basic guarantee for the superior product quality of OEM & ODM batteries.

·Dongguan Factory: Located in Tuopai Industrial Park, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, the factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters and has 500 employees. It mainly develops and manufactures electric vehicle lithium-ion power battery packs and their management systems, lithium-ion power battery modules, chargers, motor controllers, vehicle controllers, automotive multimedia and navigation systems and other key components for electric vehicles.
Quality Control
·Implement quality management for all employees, and establish a complete set of perfect, applicable and effective management procedures and work systems according to the IS09001 international quality standard system.

·OEM & ODM lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers conduct strict and effective monitoring on all links that may affect the quality of products and work.

·Equipped with a number of strictly trained quality management personnel and advanced testing equipment, the inspection is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality standard documents.

·Ensure that the shipment of raw materials, production processes and finished products are strictly controlled to ensure stable and reliable quality of shipped batteries.

Lithium battery product list

Industrial Lithium Battery​

Energy Storage Battery

Power Lithium Battery

Special Lithium Battery​


For 15 years lithium ion battery factory, we have been focusing on the R&D, design and production of various lithium batteries.

Topak Power lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers has completed a total of 30,000+ successful cases and delivered more than 100 million sets of lithium battery modules. I believe Topak Power will definitely bring you “more reliable and safer” OEM & ODM quality services.


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FAQ About Lithium Batteries

  • Lithium iron oxide batteries offer several advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries based on LiCoO2 chemistry. LiFePO4 batteries have high specific capacity, thermal and chemical stability, resulting in improved safety, improved cost performance, improved charge and discharge rates, improved cycle life, and are housed in a compact and lightweight package.

  • LiFePO4 batteries provide a cycle life of over 4,000 charge cycles. All lithium ion batteries sold by TOPAK POWER lithium ion battery factory are lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • Within a suitable temperature range, the higher the temperature, the higher the battery capacity of the lithium battery. Above 0°C, the capacitor is less sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is below 0°C, the capacitance is lower and decreases as the temperature decreases.

  • Different Li-ion batteries have different operating temperature ranges. That is to say, there is a certain difference between high temperature performance and low temperature performance.

  • Too high or too low temperature will affect the performance of the lithium battery and shorten the battery life. For example, in the operating temperature range, the high temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate battery is better than that of ternary lithium battery.
  • After purchasing our lithium-ion batteries, we have three shipping options for shipping.
① By sea, we can ship lithium batteries to each country by sea. We have UN38.3 and MSDS certification. This is the range time of the ship date. US: 30-40 days Europe: 30-40 days. Australia: 35-45 days. ②Air freight, if a single piece is less than 68KG, air freight can be used. US: 12-15 days Europe: 12-15 days. Australia: 15-18 days. ③By train, we can transport lithium batteries to Europe by train. US: 30-40 days Europe: 30-40 days. Australia: 35-45 days.

  • Because lithium battery materials are hazardous materials. Our Li-ion battery supplier is UN38.3 & MSDS & Dangerous Packaging certified, as a Li-ion battery factory, Topak power® can ship Li-ion batteries!

  • Lithium-ion batteries must be shipped in sturdy, specially marked boxes to comply with DOT regulations. Shipping requires a valid phone number.
  • TOPAK POWER Lithium-ion battery manufacturers strive to achieve the safest lithium-ion batteries. Below are the safety certifications we have earned to ensure the safe manufacture and use of our highest grade lithium-ion batteries. We have all passed these certifications and promise to use only Class A batteries from branded factories.

  • TOPAK POWER lithium-ion battery products have passed UN 38.3 and CE certification, and meet health, safety and environmental protection standards. Our lithium-ion batteries are ISO certified (ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System). UL2271 certification, OHSAS 18001:2007 and IEC62133 are also our certifications.
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FAQ About Lithium Batteries

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