How Does The 46 Series Large Cylinder Rush Forward

How does the 46 series large cylinder rush forward

  1. Many companies announced the layout of 46 series large cylindrical batteries
  2. 46 series big cylinder market heating up behind
  3. Advanced technology of large cylindrical full pole assembly line
    1. Full tab forming
    2. Omnipolar ear connection
    3. Laser sealing

Recently, BMW announced that it will be the first to use 46 series large cylindrical full-tab batteries in new models from 2025, and has awarded more than 10 billion euros (about 70 billion RMB) to CATL and EVE, which are on the list of top 10 lithium iron phosphate power battery manufacturers in China.

Many companies announced the layout of 46 series large cylindrical batteries

BMW Group once again announced a long-term cooperation with Envision Power. Envision Power will provide 46 series large cylindrical batteries for BMW’s new generation of models from 2026, and will build a new zero-carbon battery factory in South Carolina to provide products for BMW, with a planned production capacity of 30GWh, which will be put into production in 2026.

The 46 series large cylindrical battery has been favored by many car companies and battery companies in the world. Such as: Croatian electric supercar manufacturer Rimac is developing modules based on the 46 series batteries. British battery company Britishvolt has also announced that it will develop 4690 batteries and more.

From the perspective of the mass production process, Tesla said that the weekly production of 4680 cylindrical batteries is in line with expectations, and it is confident that mass production will be achieved by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Tesla’s current battery supply can meet the production needs of 1.5 million vehicles this year.

The pilot line of EVE’s first system product equipped with 46 series large cylindrical batteries successfully rolled off the production line, marking that EVE has made a further step towards the large-scale mass production of 46 series large cylindrical batteries. Panasonic and LG New Energy have also announced that they will start production of 46-series large cylindrical full-tab batteries in 2023. Samsung SDI has also established a 4680 battery test line for Tesla.

Many companies announced the layout of 46 series large cylindrical batteries

Whether from the market side or the supply side, the market prospect of the 46-series large cylinder is already very broad. Correspondingly, huge market opportunities have also been released to upstream supply chain companies.

At present, lithium battery intelligent equipment companies represented by Yifei Laser are actively cooperating with Chinese power battery companies to enable the mass production of 46 series large cylindrical products.

Undoubtedly, the advantages of China’s 46-series large-cylinder intelligent equipment in the global competition will be more obvious by taking the lead in cooperating with the research and development of leading battery companies, possessing core technologies and rich experience in mass production and debugging.

46 series big cylinder market heating up behind

First of all, the cost, performance and safety advantages of the 46-series large cylindrical battery are obvious. The 46-series large cylindrical all-tab battery is regarded as one of the ultimate technical directions of power batteries.

The essence of the cylindrical all-tab battery is to turn the two ends of the positive and negative current collectors into tabs that can be in surface contact. The conductive structure of the tabs makes the current transmission between the current collector and the positive and negative electrodes change from traditional wire transmission to surface transmission, thereby greatly improving the current conducting area and overcurrent capability of the battery.

46 series big cylinder market heating up behind

The internal resistance of a battery is reduced exponentially, breaking through the bottleneck that the cylindrical battery is difficult to enlarge, and realizing 10C/6 minutes fast charge.

In September 2020, Tesla officially released the 4680 cylindrical full-tab battery to the world. Compared with the 2170 battery, the 4680 large cylindrical battery has 5 times more energy, 6 times more output power, 14% lower cost per kWh, and a 16% increase in the cruising range of models equipped with this battery. In terms of charging, it only takes 15 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80% in the 400V high-voltage fast charging mode.

At present, EVE large cylindrical products have the advantages of 300Wh/kg ultra-high specific energy, 600Mpa high-strength shell, and <3sec high-efficiency pressure relief. Regarding the choice of the 46 series large cylindrical battery, BMW’s introduction is that compared with the fifth-generation square battery, the volume energy density of BMW’s sixth-generation battery (large cylindrical full-pole lug) will increase by more than 20%, and the cruising range will increase by 30%.

Above, the cost can be reduced by 50%, the fast charging time can be reduced by 30%, and it can be compatible with 400V and 800V systems. The single-line capital investment of Hithium Energy Storage’s special battery for household energy storage is far lower than that of other current specifications in the industry. Shell battery cost reduction up to 10%. Large cylindrical batteries will dominate the small battery market in the future.

Therefore, Hithium Energy Storage redefines the special energy storage battery for home energy storage scenarios. Its cylindrical product specifications cover 4680-46300, and the single capacity is 10-50Ah. In the power and energy storage application scenarios, a full-scale explosion is brewing, and the 46-series large cylindrical full-tab battery has a promising future.

Advanced technology of large cylindrical full-pole assembly line

Advanced technology of large cylindrical full pole assembly line

At this stage, the industrialization of 46-series large cylindrical batteries has become one of the key points, that is, to achieve high-efficiency, high-quality, high-safety and low-cost mass production as soon as possible. Among them, the series of processes in the battery cell assembly section have become the core key points in the production process of large cylindrical batteries, including winding, tab shaping, welding, sealing and other links.

As a leading enterprise in the field of precision laser processing intelligent equipment, Yifei Laser has achieved three important innovation breakthroughs in the manufacturing process of 46 series large cylindrical full-tab batteries, laying a solid foundation for the large-scale mass production of large cylindrical batteries.

Full tab forming

According to the thickness of the positive and negative current collectors, the diameter of the winding core, the advanced design, etc., the diameter, cone angle and chamfering steps of the planetary kneading head can be optimized.

Combined with the non-destructive shaping numerical control system, the positive and negative within the allowable stress range of the current collector, high-speed and non-destructive forming of the entire pole lug is realized, the efficiency is ≥50PPM, and the accuracy is ±0.05mm, and the dust and particles generated by the damage and rupture of the current collector due to friction are strictly controlled.

Omnipolar ear connection

Yifei Laser takes the lead in breaking through the self-adaptive precision laser welding technology of high-reflection material thickness overlapping, realizing the precision welding of aluminum and copper and other high-reflecting materials, and controlling the temperature rise in the 2mm heat-affected zone within 80°C (lower than 80°C).

Diaphragm heat affects temperature), avoids causing diaphragm burns or thermal effects, and realizes the full-area connection between the current collector and the current collector plate, positive and negative electrodes (cover plates) through laser welding, which is the large-scale production and application of cylindrical all-tab batteries. Core technical support.

How does the 46 series large cylinder rush forward

Laser sealing

Traditional 18650 and 21700 cylindrical batteries are mostly manufactured by mechanical sealing, and square aluminum shell batteries have generally adopted laser sealing.

As the diameter of the cylindrical battery becomes larger, the shell wall becomes thinner, and the aluminum shell material is used, the sealing structure formed by mechanical extrusion or rolling groove may have the risk of micro-leakage when used for a long time, and it is necessary to increase the sealing ring made of anti-corrosion materials, etc.

Yifei Laser independently developed the dynamic equilibrium welding technology under high-speed rotation, with the end cap as the upper positioning datum, suitable for various materials of aluminum shell and steel shell, compatible with large cylindrical batteries with a diameter of 32mm or more and different lengths, to achieve 50-450PPM High-speed sealing welding.

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