Introduction and prospects for power generation system

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Wind and sun cover the Earth’s surface, and most of the world is suitable for wind-solar hybrid power generation systems. It is not limited by region, power grid, operation and maintenance cost management.

And can provide people with a reliable power supply everywhere. Through the above description, the use of this model in islands and other places can effectively solve the power supply needs of public lighting, monitoring security, normal life electricity, local commercial electricity, etc. in island areas.

Introduction to wind and solar power generation

● The principle of the operation

During the day, solar panels generate photovoltaic currents in sunlight, charging the lithium solar batteries under the control of the controller. At the same time, it provides power to the electrical equipment, and the wind turbine rotates under the action of the wind to generate electricity.

  • If the wind resources are good, the wind turbine supplies the load and charges the battery at the same time.
  • If the wind resources are not good, the battery will release the electricity stored during the day under the control of the controller to provide power for the electrical equipment.
  • If there is an AC device in the electrical device, convert direct current to alternating current to power the device by inverter power supply.


At dawn the next morning, the controller controls the solar cell module to start a new round of charging. Since the battery has the same function as storing water in a reservoir, the amount of electricity stored in it will gradually accumulate when there is sunlight.

When the battery cannot be charged on rainy days, the power stored in the battery can continue to work for the system and can still provide power stably. When faced with long-term continuous rainy days, solar power generation is insufficient, and battery voltage continues to drop.

Introduction to wind and solar power generation

When the set value is reached, the system automatically starts the generator to charge the battery. When the battery voltage rises to the set value, the system gives a signal to turn off the generator, and the generator automatically shuts down.

Advantages of a solar power supply system

  • Green environmental protection, no pollution, no waste.
  • Crystalline silicon solar cells have a long service life of 25-35 years.
  • One-time investment, long-term benefits, actual use cost is economical.
  • Save project time and cost.
  • Stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, long MTBF (mean time between failures).
  • Use maintenance-free.
  • Not affected by the geographical environment.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • DC low voltage electricity, small line loss, not easy to cause lightning strikes.

How to design complementary systems

Overview of design

The wind-solar hybrid power generation system consists of a solar photovoltaic power generation system and a wind power generation system, and the two power generation systems can work independently. In the form of energy utilization, it can produce interaction.

For example, when the weather is clear during the day, the solar power system is used as the main power generation system.

How to design complementary systems

At night and on rainy days, the wind power system is used as the main power generation system. The reasonable combination of the two power generation methods can improve energy efficiency, improve the reliability of power supply systems, and reduce unit power generation costs.

Meteorological data

System design must take into account the following factors:

  • Solar radiation at the installation site
  • Wind resources
  • Load power usage
  • System reliability

The system is self-sustaining without light. Solar power supply system computer-aided design system, verified by the top 10 solar mattery manufacturers in China as design accurate, safe and reliable.

The advantages of the usage of wind and solar

● Simple structure and flexible system size

The structure of independent solar modules and wind turbines is relatively simple, and the capacity of the power generation system can be selected and adjusted according to the needs of users, which is flexible and convenient.

● Short construction period

Less construction investment, short cycle, simple installation and maintenance-free. As long as the appropriate orientation and angle are selected, supported by simple brackets, and properly connected, it can form a wind-solar hybrid power generation system with the controller.

The advantages of the usage of wind and solar

Intelligent control, no manual operation, simple construction, convenient maintenance. The system requires only periodic checks and little maintenance effort, and can be monitored remotely from a computer. Therefore, the operation and maintenance costs of system power generation are much less than those of conventional power generation equipment.

Clean and safe

Energy saving and environmental protection, zero energy consumption and no pollution in the use process. No fuel, no waste disposal, ideal for clean and safe energy.

High reliability and long life

In harsh environmental and climatic conditions, photovoltaic power generation systems rarely fail, so photovoltaic power generation is often used in occasions where high power supply reliability is required. Under normal circumstances, its reliability and longevity meet the relevant requirements.

● Wide range of applications

Solar and wind energy can be found in every corner of the world, and in addition to conventional power supply, it is more widely used to power special occasions.

Technical description of equipment

Solar battery

  • Long service life

Lithium ion deep cycle battery of solar is used for low attenuation.

  • Anti-aging

The backplane is packed with EVA, TPT and other materials.
High mechanical strength. The panel is encapsulated by original high-transparency low-iron tempered glass, with high light transmittance, not less than 91%.

Technical description of equipment

The assembly is completely sealed. It is resistant to natural weather, moisture, corrosion and various mechanical damage. Moreover, the component frame is flat and free of corrosion spots. There should be a safe distance between the battery module and the frame.

Charge and discharge controller

Computer chip control, load and discharge parameter points can adapt to the special requirements of different occasions.

  • Displays load status and load on and off status.
  • Solar cell array and wind turbine input control.
  • Protection features. It has a series of alarm and protection functions such as battery overcharge, overdischarge, output overload, short circuit, surge, solar cell short circuit, night anti-reverse charging and so on.
  • Alarm.
  • Overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit and other protection alarms.
  • Lightning protection.

Depending on the system requirements, different levels of lightning protection devices can be selected.The combination is clever. It can be used alone, or it can be composed of models such as wind and solar complementarity, control inverter integration and so on.

Maintenance-free colloid battery

Colloidal batteries are used. Excellent cycling performance, ideal for recycling batteries. After deep discharge, the loading speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the recovery performance is excellent. Low thermal resistance, large heat capacity, wide operating temperature range: -20 °C ~ +50 °C can be used normally.

Introduction and prospects for power generation system

The plate is resistant to vulcanization and can continue to operate under insufficient load for a long time, which is more suitable for long-term continuous discharge with small current. Good reliability and long service outdoors.

No leakage, more safe and reliable to use. The colloidal electrolyte is not fluid, and there is no delamination inside the battery. There is no need for equalization charging, and the power supply is unstable.


The wind-solar hybrid power generation system uses the battery as the energy storage component, and the solar photovoltaic module charging the battery is a linear charging characteristic. Long-term linear charging will lead to inertion of battery ions and short battery life.

Wind turbines can form high-current pulse charging, and complementary wind and solar energy optimize the battery’s charging characteristics. The complementary technology of wind turbines to photovoltaic modules greatly improves the reliability of power generation systems.

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