Knowledge About Lithium Ion Battery Explosion

Knowledge about lithium ion battery explosion

  1. Will lithium ion batteries explode?
  2. The reasons that cause lithium ion battery explosion
  3. What happens when a lithium ion battery explodes?
  4. Can batteries explode in cold? What about in warm?
  5. How to stop a lithium ion battery from exploding?

RV, vape,drone,EV are all powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. As the battery is being charged and discharged, lithium ions move from cathode to anode. This kind of rechargeable battery is known as lithium-ion batteries. There are a variety of battery types available, each with its own unique chemistry, performance, cost, and safety features. The cathode of are made up of an intercalated lithium compound, unlike primary lithium batteries, which are disposed of. And a concept of lithium ion battery explosion will be introduced in the following.

1. Will lithium ion batteries explode?

Explosions or fires caused by malfunctioning faulty lithium-ion batteries can sometimes occur. An exothermic chain reaction known as thermal runaway may take place in a battery, causing overheating and the boiling of th liquid electrolyte. Short circuiting is the most common cause of lithium-ion battery fires and explosions. When the separator breaks down, anode and cathode meet with each other.

The battery begins to overheat because of the combination of these two electrodes. This is why qualified lithium-ion batteries are equipped with a battery management system, which can cut off the power supply in time when the battery is over-discharged, over-charged, or over-current, thereby effectively preventing lithium-ion batteries from overheating, short circuit, etc. to a certain extent reduce the possibility of fire and explosion.

The possible reasons of the explosion of lithium ion battery explosion

2. The reasons that cause lithium ion battery explosion

The possible reasons of the explosion of the Li-on battery are as follows:

  • The battery is badly constructed. The battery didn’t have enough room for the electrodes and separator. In certain kinds of batteries, when the battery charged, the electrodes twisted and shorted. Even a well-designed battery might fail to work due to poor quality control or manufacturing flaws.
  • A failure is almost certain to occur in the presence of extreme heat.Batteries that were left near a source of heat (like a radiator, for example) were known to burst into flame.
  • The whole battery may be destroyed by the failure of a single battery cell. The term “thermal runaway” describes what happens when a single overheated cell sets off a domino reaction.
  • Lithium-ion batteries may be harmed by a charger that is either poorly constructed or inadequately insulated. There is a risk of charger failure if a short occurs or if excessive heat is generated near the battery while charging.Lithium-ion batteries need to be charged with special chargers, which can prevent accidents caused by charger failures to a certain extent.

3. What happens when a lithium ion battery explodes?

Lithium ion battery explosion may happen due to manufacturing flaws in the original battery or metal things that create an external short-circuit. There are two common reasons that cause battery explosion: combustible gas explosions caused by gases created in battery thermal runaways and electrical arc explosions resulting in structural collapse of battery electrical enclosures.

Variable electrical failures may cause thermal runaway gas explosions. High-energy arcs in electrical boxes that are prone to arc-induced high pressures and thermal loads have been caused by poor electrical protection. Fires and explosions may happen but also can be avoided in some way.

What happens when occuring lithium ion battery explosion

4. Can batteries explode in cold? What about in warm?

Battery charging and storage temperatures have a significant impact on the chemical reactions taking place within each individual cell. When lithium ion battery explosion happens at very low temperatures, their energy and power capabilities may be diminished. Moreover, temperatures that are too high may cause a battery to overheat, resulting in decreased performance and power. Overheating batteries may cause them to catch fire or explode, which is dangerous for the workers around.

There are some methods to prevent from explosions of Li-on batteries. Stop the spread of the fire by dousing it with water. Powdered graphite and copper powders or soda (sodium carbonate) may be used to put out lithium-ion fires, however foam extinguishers and CO2 are not. Explosions may occur in various batteries.but as for Lithium-ion batteries there are still a lot of ways to be adopted to avoid it.

Thin polypropylene slips are used to keep the electrodes apart, preventing short circuiting. If that barrier is broken, Maybe it will become a little bit dangerous. Electrolyte is flammable and may fire as it heats up in the batteries, So we should be more cafeful when using lithium ion battery.
And most of the current lithium-ion batteries use glue-packed electrolytes, which have a low flammability coefficient and no leakage.

It is common practice to include safety measures like pressure-release mechanisms and temperature coefficient positive resistors in lithium-ion batteries these days. Despite the fact that these features considerably reduce risks, lithium batteries that are damaged or beyond their usable life should still be stored safely before being sent to a local recycling center.

5. How to stop a lithium ion battery from exploding?

How to stop a lithium ion battery from exploding
There are several ways to avoid an explosion, such as keeping the batteries out of the reach of flammable materials, not charging them near combustible furniture, and protecting the batteries from severe impacts and sharp objects by not dropping them.

An internal chemical process known as thermal runaway may occur at any level of charge of the battery. Batteries explode, but they don’t explode with flying particles or a loud noise. Instead, the electrolyte swells, liquid leaks out of the cell enclosure and catches fire, and the battery case or pouch grows too hot to handle.

But in fact, we can’t avoid using the Lithium-ion batteries because, the quality of the batteries is getting good day by day. Regular lithium-ion battery manufacturers will use high-quality materials and professional equipment to ensure battery safety. As long as you look for a regular manufacturer before purchasing, pay attention to some storage matters and usage matters during use, the explosion can be completely avoided.

So you don’t need to think that the lithium ion battery explosion will occur and you can’t use it, you should look at this problem from a different angle. The performance and endurance of Li-on batteries have been targeted for improvement due to the expected rise in their use. It may now be improved structurally by adding a special polymer composite binder, allowing for considerably more powerful, long-lasting devices and influencing the future of the technology it powers.

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