Top 5 Offshore Wind Power Companies In China

Top 5 offshore wind power companies in China

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According to an authoritative report, China’s total offshore wind power installations reached 10.48 GW in October 2021, effectively surpassing the UK’s 10.47 GW to become the world’s top offshore wind market. Chinese turbine manufacturers have made China the world’s largest wind power market with their impressive installation rates. It is known that in China, about 90% of the installed wind power, use turbines produced in China. The following are those top 5 offshore wind power companies in China in 2023.

Top 5 offshore wind power companies in China in 2023



Established: 2004

Location: Shanghai

Company profile: As the first of the top 5 offshore wind power companies in China, SHANGHAI ELECTRIC is a large comprehensive equipment manufacturing group, whose leading industries focus on energy equipment, industrial equipment, and integrated services, committed to providing customers with green, environmental protection, intelligent, interconnected in one technology integration and system solutions. In recent years, the Group’s revenue has remained at around RMB 90 billion.

Main products: thermal energy storage and power generating units (coal power, gas power), nuclear power generating units, wind power generation equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, environmental protection equipment, automation equipment, elevators, rail transportation and machine tools, etc.

News: On September 26, Shanghai Electric hosted the “Enterprise Summit Forum and Shanghai Electric 120th Anniversary Theme Event” in Shanghai. The company hopes to use hydrogen production as a solution for power consumption in the future. In terms of wind power, Shanghai Electric is one of the wind turbine manufacturers and service providers, and is expected to achieve the first floating offshore wind turbine in 2023, and the future wind turbines from offshore to offshore are expected to use floating wind turbines.

Market capitalization: 62.008 billion RMB

Official website:



Established: 2006

Location: Zhongshan

Company profile: MINGYANG SMART ENERGY has nearly 10,000 employees, and its main business includes the development and design, product manufacturing, operation and maintenance services of new energy high-end equipment, megawatt-class wind turbines and core components; new energy investment and operation.

With various innovative initiatives, seven global R&D centers and sales and service systems, the Group has developed into a leading smart energy enterprise group in China and ranked top 5 offshore wind power companies in China this year with significant influence in the world.

Main products: Production and operation of wind power generation host equipment and related power electronic products; wind power engineering technology and wind power generation-related technology consulting, technology import and export business.

News: It is reported that Hexicon, a Swiss floating offshore wind power developer, recently signed a cooperation agreement with MINGYANG SMART ENERGY. According to the agreement, MINGYANG SMART ENERGY will provide 8MW offshore wind turbines for its TwinHub array project in the UK. This is a major breakthrough for MINGYANG SMART ENERGY in the field of floating offshore wind power in Europe.

Market capitalization: 56.393 billion RMB

Official website:



Established: 1998

Location: Xinjiang

Company profile: When it comes to top 5 offshore wind power companies in China, we have to mention Goldwind, located in Xinjiang Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is committed to becoming the global leader in clean energy and energy-saving environmental solutions.

Since its establishment, Goldwind has achieved an installed global wind power capacity of more than 50GW, with 31,000 wind turbines in stable operation in nearly 24 countries on 6 continents. The company has 7 R&D centers around the world and cooperates with 7 global colleges and universities, with strong independent R&D capabilities.

Main products: Focus on wind power system solutions, renewable energy, new business investment incubation.

News: On September 15, the opening ceremony of Goldwind’s Solution Factory in Vietnam was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City. Based on a digital platform with monitoring and data center, combined with climate monitoring, vessel scheduling and local supply chain management system, Goldwind Solution Factory Vietnam provides one-stop solutions for customers.

Market capitalization: 48.419 billion RMB

Official website:



Established: 2004

Location: Chongqing

Company profile: CSSC is a professional high-tech enterprise established by CSIC with Chongqing Shipbuilding Industry Corporation as the main body, with an annual production capacity of 1 million KW and sales revenue of 6 billion RMB in 2015, making it one of the top three local wind power equipment battery manufacturers in China.

Main products: Engaged in wind turbine research and development, production, sales and technology introduction and development applications; manufacturing and sales of wind turbine components; wind turbine manufacturing, wind farm construction and operation of technical services and technical advice.

News: In the past year, as an important member of the top 5 offshore wind power companies in China, CSSC has independently developed and successfully built onshore 5MW and offshore 8MW, 10MW, “Fuyao” floating wind power equipment On September 20, at the 2022 China (Jiangsu) New Electricity Development Conference and the 14th China (Jiangsu) International Wind Power Industry Development Summit, CSSC’s H220-8MW series offshore wind turbines were awarded as one of the top 50 products in China’s wind power industry in 2022.

Registered capital: 131,862,574,000 RMB

Official website:



Established: 1993

Location: Chengdu

Company profile: Featuring one of the top 5 offshore wind power companies in China, DONGFANG ELECTRIC CO., LTD, as a major technology equipment localization base and enterprise technology center in China, has the first-class comprehensive technology development capability in China’s power generation equipment manufacturing industry, which makes it one of our list.

Through independent development and cooperation between industry, academia and research institutes, it has formed a number of major technical equipment products with independent intellectual property rights, and has the ability to develop, design, manufacture, sell, supply equipment and general contracting of large-scale hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, gas power, wind power and photovoltaic power station and power generation equipment.

Main products: general equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, nuclear power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, renewable energy generation equipment and its spare parts manufacturing, sales and research and development; industrial control and automation research and development, manufacturing and sales;

News: September 28, DONGFANG ELECTRIC CO., LTD new energy equipment limited company production manufacturing the first blade B900B onshore wind power blade smoothly off the line, marking the DONGFANG ELECTRIC CO., LTD, the new energy base has mass production manufacturing 90 meters wind power blade capacity.

Market capitalization: 66.462 billion

Official website:

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