Portable battery- can battery combine portability and high performance

Portable battery – can battery combine portability and high performance

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Technological advancements have allowed gadgets and home appliances to operate without connecting to a live power outlet. This is possible via portable battery that hold a significant charge.

Therefore, If we have portable battery, our smartphones, solar panels, tablets, laptops, and other power tools can stay functional without plugging into live electricity.

This factor allows users to keep their gadgets powered without fear of sudden blackouts or device unavailability. And this article will dive deeper into portable battery and reveal the insight of them.

What is portable battery

Understanding the in-depth knowledge of the portable battery brings you a step closer to making an informed purchase. Nevertheless, portable battery Mainly based on lithium-ion batteries, it is rechargeable and can be easily carried.

A portable battery can store electricity whenever necessary. In simple terms, it’s a battery designed to charge other batteries and power battery-free devices, which has its benefits.

What are the advantages of portable batteries

Portable battery offer more than mere convenience to users, and this section will outline the benefits this backup battery can have for your laptop, phone, camera, and other gadgets. These benefits include:

Electricity during disasters

Many natural disasters and emergencies are associated with power outages, leaving most devices without electricity. However, a portable battery can provide your devices with electricity for long periods (depending on the capacity) until power arrives.What are the advantages of portable batteries

Portable battery is also a better alternative than backup generators that work on petrol or diesel since battery packs are easy to refill, cost-effective, and release no emissions. In addition, depending on the type you acquire, you can recharge the cells via solar panels.

Power while outdoors

Lack of electricity is often encountered in outdoor activities, so bringing a generator for outdoor events is necessary. However, a portable battery boasting a high capacity can power TV screens, lights, laptops, speakers, and more for hours.

Combine this with its mobility and zero carbon emissions, the portable battery becomes a must-have for outdoor events.

Lower electric bills

A portable battery can help you save money on electricity bills when used alongside a regular power supply. Portable battery can use solar energy for charging, through lithium solar batteries, which also makes full use of solar energy for power supply.

Reduce carbon emissions

Fuel-powered generators contribute to air pollution, create greenhouse gasses, and accelerate global warming. Concerning about the environment or desire a pollution-free backup energy source, portable batteries are a reliable option.


As the name implies, portable batteries, are easy to carry whenever you’re entering a location with little to no power supply. For example, portable batteries keep your power tools active outdoors from prolonged people, which is more convenient than carrying a charger, searching for an outlet, and safe.

The application of portable battery

Portable batteries come in different sizes and capacities, from large cells with solar panels and wind turbines to small portable battery to recharge cameras, mobile phones, and similar gadgets.The application of portable battery

Nevertheless, portable batteries are practical for numerous applications, and these include:

● Powering vehicles

● Providing electricity to communicate

● Pairing with solar panels and wind turbines

● Charging phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, etc.

● Can be used as emergency power supply

Portable battery supports regular power supply and offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to power gadgets. However, some bigger portable batteries combined with solar panels can be a sufficient alternative to regular power.

Factors affecting a battery’s portability

Portable batteries come in different weights, sizes, energy densities, and more. These factors have specific parameters that determine a battery the status of portability. By definition, a portable battery is hand-carried with little to no difficulty, comes in a sealed pack, weighs 4kg or less.

Therefore, a battery must be small, lightweight, and easy to carry, regardless of capacity or power output. Portable batteries typically use li-ion or lithium-polymer.Factors affecting a battery's portability

However, these do not affect the battery’s portability status since handling, weight, and size are the most crucial factors. Because the energy density of lithium ion battery is high.

The most common type of portable battery

As previously mentioned, portable batteries are often made using li-ion or li-polymer. However, the li-ion, is the most common material used in making portable battery today.

Lithium ion battery type is present in almost all gadgets, from phones to solar batteries, due to having more advantages compared to other batteries. These include:

● High energy density

● Environmental friendly

● Long life cycle

● Safer

● High-temperature tolerance

● Lightweight (50% – 60% lighter than acid batteries)

Therefore, when purchasing a portable battery for your vehicle, solar panels, indoor gadgets, etc., consider one with li-ion as it’s more reliable than its lithium-polymer counterpart.

Which lithium ion battery is the most portable

In search of the most portable battery online, ease your stress with NMC Pouch Battery.

Which lithium-ion battery is the most portable

NMC Pouch Battery have the advantages of small size and light weight, and are more suitable for portable applications with high space or thickness requirements. Moreover, its merits also lie in :

● Good safety performance

● Light weight

● Large capacity

● Small internal resistance

● Flexible design

It’s the most lightweight option that retains a high-quality build and electric capacity. Note that this battery comes in cells, meaning you’ll need technical knowledge to integrate it into your desired circuit.

Battery designed for portability-portable power station

A portable power station is an electrical storage unit that keeps electricity in reserve using multiple portable batteries connected. We recommend the 500 Watts Portable Power Station by Guangzhou Tyocurn as it provides an already-built unit to power gadgets of any type.

Applications for portable power station

Portable power stations carry reserve electrical power that can use in multiple application scenarios. The devices include:

● Outdoor camping

● Emergency power supply

● Outdoor operations

● Medical rescue

Applications for portable power station

*Note: The portable power station application depends on the system’s power rating and capacity.

How do I choose a portable power station

A portable power station is a better option than a fuel-powered generator since it’s noise-free, produces zero pollution, and can be charged via solar panels. However, choosing a portable power station depends on the following factors:

● Battery capacity (the higher the battery capacity, the longer you can run devices per charge)

● Battery technology (li-ion, li-po, or lead-acid batteries)

● Inverter technology (pure sine wave inverters for highly sensitive equipment and modified sine wave inverters for laptops, phones, TVs, etc.)

● Number and types of power input and output ports

Your requirements will depend on the equipment you wish to power with the portable station; therefore, we recommend performing additional research before buying.


Technological advancements allow portable batteries and portable power stations to accommodate enough power to keep other electronics active and charged. Choosing the right portable battery will depend on your desired usage.

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