12v 40ah lithium ion battery

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Customized 12v 40ah lithium ion battery from ODM & OEM lithium ion battery factory

TYCORUN ENERGY customized 12v 40ah lithium ion battery uses an intelligent BMS protection system to provide six types of protection for the battery, including over-discharge, over-discharge, and high temperature, extending its service life. This lithium iron phosphate battery has a cycle life of up to 3000 times.

Item No: Y-10-000899
Model: TP-1240A
Specification: 27148134-4S1P-12.8V-40Ah
Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Nominal capacity: 40Ah
Battery pack size: (MAX)195(L)*(MAX)130(W)*(TYPE)168(H) mm
Weight: 5Kg
Lifespan: charge and discharge conditions: 0.2C charge, 0.2C discharge, 2000 times ≥80% of initial capacity
Charging temperature: 0℃~40℃
Discharging temperature: !-20℃~60℃
Storage temperature: !-10℃~ +35℃,less than 6 months
Communication: □SMBUS □I2C □HDQ □RS485 □RS232 □CAN □Other protocol ■No protocol
Remark: M6 output terminal

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