TYCORUN ENERGY 500WH Portable Power Station

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our channel. This is Guangzhou TYOCURN ENERGY lithium-ion battery manufacturer. In this video, I will introduce a new 500WH portable power station power supply designed and produced by our team recently. In my opinion, the appearance design of the product is very fashionable, the quality control is more stable, and the materials we use for this product are more environmentally friendly compared with other brands in the market. We also have more customizable items. So next step, back to product.

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What’s Inside a 500WH Portable Power Station

The portable battery power station in the video uses 18650 2600mAh-3.65V (13 series and 4) high-voltage ternary lithium batteries. In order to use more stably and respond to customer needs, the ternary lithium battery was replaced with a 26700-type 4000mAh-3.2V (7 parallel 5 series) lithium iron phosphate battery. Of course, we can customize portable power stations of various sizes, appearance and capacity for customers.

After your purchase you will get 500WH Portable Power Station, AC Adapter, Type-C Charger and User Manual.

You will get 500WH portable power station and accessories

The role of 500WH portable power station

We can use it as an emergency power supply, and it can guarantee your power supply when you go hiking or traveling.

We can use it as an emergency power supply

●Wireless Charging Charging
The top of the treasure is also designed with a wireless charging function, which is compatible with all mobile phones that support wireless charging on the market. So let’s boot the USB drive for a second and put the phone in here.

●Bidirectional inverter
So for this model, we built a bi-directional inverter that helps you charge and discharge at the same time, which is perfect for you if you need to charge your device with a solar panel while you’re using it. So I’m going to use the power adapter to charge our product, and next, charge our phone from the typc-c.

●Multiple charging methods
Based on the common charging method of mortgages, we designed a Type-C interface for input and output. Therefore, in addition to charging through power adapters, solar panels and car chargers, you can also use the Type-C data cable we provide to charge our products.

Wireless Charging Charging

You can see that we have two AC output ports, DC output port and a cigarette lighter port, different types of USB ports, here is also the input port for charging in our product.
Let’s flip each switch, and you can see on our LDC screen, we have some basic product information with lights next to it.

500WH Portable Power Station FAQ

And we also collected frequently asked questions from customers about this 500WH portable power station.

Q: What is the lifespan of this portable battery power station?
A: So the cycle life of the ternary lithium product in the video can reach 800 times. And our new lithium iron phosphate battery portable power station can reach 4000 times.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge it?
A: It takes about 6 hours to charge the battery from 3% to 90% with the power adapter we provide.

Q: Can I use the DC-in port and Type-c port to charge at the same time?
A: Yes, it can be charged at the same time to shorten the charging time.

Q: Does the power bank have temperature protection?
A: Yes, will the protection be activated by turning off the product when the temperature is around 55-60℃?

Q: Can I start the car with EV?
A: This product cannot start the car directly, but it can be used with the optional charger. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to fully charge and start the car with more than 20% of the battery.

Q: How much does this portable battery power station weigh?
A: The weight of this battery will be about 6kg, which is very light to carry.

Q: The warranty period of the mobile power supply?
A: The warranty period of this portable battery power station product is 1 year.

So here is some basic information about our portable battery power stations. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and hope to see you next time.


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