How to use a battery swap station to replace the battery for an electric motorcycle

Hi,Ladies and gentlemen,this is Maggie from Tycorun energy china ,in this video we are going to introduce you the battery swapping system .
In this video, we are going to divide it into 3 parts

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We all know that ,now the price of oil is increasing a lot around the world , so client is changing the mind from using oil to electricity for the electric motorcycle and car ,so they would have a lot demand for changing power .and to meet client ‘ requirements for all over the world ,our company Tycorun energy china promoted this project in china ,mostly in guangzhou , after 5 years hard working ,it promoted in 2023

what is the battery swapping system ?

what is the battery swapping system

As you can see that,this is our 12 charging slots battery swapping system and it divided it into 3 parts

The first part is our touching screen , second part is our cabinet and third part is our battery

For the screen,this can be touching , and there are two parts
These two buttons is replace the battery and return the battery .the button for replace the battery is suitable for clients who want to change the new battery.and return battery button is suitable for the supplier who want to put the new battery to the cabinet and clients who do not to use this system ,contacting the hotline and they will return you the depositAnd here is the basic in information for the battery . available battery and disable available battery and the charging battery

And this part , we are going to introduce the battery , our battery has 3 specifications, 48v 60v and 72v , and the standard capacity is 50ah .
The most importantly , we can customize the voltage and the capacity for you , also the logo.

Now it is details of the battery .we already input the sim card and each battery has its number .this number we can see in our background system .and here you can see, we have 3 kinds of connector ,pin connector , Anderson connector and the third kind.These kinds of connector can be charged and discharged

he operation mode of electric electric motorcycle battery swapping system?

he operation mode of electric electric motorcycle battery swapping system

We already promoted this project in guangzhou and put around 2000 pcs batteries in the market .and our business model, we charge from the clients for month .at this month , they can use the battery as many times as they want as long as the battery can fit in the motorcycle. No waiting , no downtime , no pin required, so it is very convenient .

Before they use the battery swapping system , they just need to register as a VIP and pay a deposit .after they pay the deposit , they can get the first battery .in this battery , it has client’s information because after they register as a VIP , our background system input the personal information into the battery in case of the battery be stolen or damaged

So when the first battery runs out , we gonna change a new battery .we will let our assistant to let you guys know how to change a new battery .and this battery already runs out and we just need to click the replace battery button .

after click the button , the door will automatically open , we just need to charge the charger connector.And close the door .

After we charge the battery , the new battery door will automatically open .and the fully charged battery can take out .

When the dead battery put into the cabinet , the cabinet will do three things

A.The cabinet will check whether the user’s one-month lease term expires (if so, the battery door will not open and it needs to be paid second month rent)
B. whether the battery is damaged (if damaged, no new battery door will open,and clients need to call the hotline to get the help )
C. If the first two steps are no problem , cabinet removes user information from the first battery and enters the second battery.)

Whole steps about how to use the battery swapping system for users?

Whole steps about how to use the battery swapping system for users

And the last part, we are going to show you how our battery fit in the motorcycles anf the wohle steps about how to use the battery swapping system.

This is the motorcycle from meituan staff and meituan is our largest
Delivery group in china .and now we are going to show you how to use the swapping battery system .and this battery is our dead battery .we are going to change the full charged battery .

We need to click the button to change the new battery .we put the dead battery into the cabinet and close the door .the full charged battery door will automatically open .we take the new battery to pun into the motorcycle.

That is all steps when we are using the battery swapping system .
We know there are large demand for the battery swapping system .so if you have any requirement for this part ,we welcome your messages, thank you bye bye.


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